Friday, December 13, 2013

For Mike

In this video I show the newly created Old Testament and New Testament for Mike. It was created by dividing his Bible into two text blocks.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Paring Leather and Making Rounded Leather Corners

In this video I demonstrate how to pare leather to prepare it for use on a book. I also show the process I use to create the rounded leather corners on a flexible Bible. 

Bible for Rick

In this video I show the finished Bible I was working on for Rick. I really enjoy rebinding Bibles and it is especially satisfying when people appreciate my work. When Rick got his Bible he wrote, "You, Sir, are a serious, professional craftsman. I am duly impressed and could not be more pleased." With compliments like that I can't help but be encouraged and more confident in my work. Thank you, Rick!

Explanation of absence and current projects.

In this video I explain the work I will be doing soon on two Bibles and also speak about plans for future videos. [On a personal note, I hadn't posted anything here or on my YouTube channel in a long while because of so much going on, including a mild heart attack in May! I'm fine now but have worked hard on my health, including changing my diet and losing 35 pounds! Hopefully now I will be able to be more regular in my postings.]