Friday, January 7, 2011

Fall '09 Bibles

Here are some Bibles I rebound in December of '09.

The first one above is in purple goatskin. It was done for my wife. I reluctantly agreed to buy this purple hide of leather so she could have a purple Bible. Since then two more church members have had their Bibles rebound in the very same leather and ribbon combination. You just never know. The second was a NT and Psalms done in a crimson colored goatskin for a church member.

The first Bible above was done for my mother in the same crimson goatskin. The second for my son-in-law was done in a chestnut brown goatskin (hard to see the color here).

As you can see during 2009 I was doing a lot of rebinding for myself and family members. The purpose being to rekindle my skills after having taken more than 20 years off from the craft.

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