Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Welcome to my new blog!

For some time now I have been thinking about putting together a blog that could be used to highlight the various bookbinding projects I have been working on. For those who don't know me, my name is Alex Ogden and I am a preacher currently working with the Clay church of Christ in Clay, AL (20 miles NE of Birmingham). I learned traditional hand bookbinding back in the early '80's while living in Asheville, NC. After a few years of building my skills I set it all aside while we moved about working with different congregations and while we were raising our three kids. They are all grown now so a couple of years ago I made the decision to return to the craft. I was able to acquire several pieces of equipment and some supplies that previously belonged to my former teachers in Montreat, NC. I'm off to a great start and I hope by this blog to show off some of my work. 

Over the next few days I will slowly post pictures of both past and present work, giving details about the nature of the work done. I may also show pictures of my bindery or discuss new tools or supplies that have come in. So come back often and see what is going on.


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  1. Alex, Thanks so much for sharing your work with us. You showed me some of the things you had done when we were together a few weeks ago. Its great now to see the beautiful bibles you have done. We must get together again soon so you can teach me how to pare leather. I want to rebind a bible myself. Your work is inspiring, man! Rodney