Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Personal Bibles

These two Bibles were rebound in the fall of 2009 and are my personal Bibles that I now preach from. They were bound in black goatskin. Yes, you are seeing it right. There is an OT and a NT. I didn't use the New Testament from that Bible (used a separate NT) so when I first became a bookbinder 25+ years ago I cut the NT off and bound it as just an Old Testament. As I remember I was lucky in that the OT ended near the end of a signature (folded section of the book). This allowed me to carefully remove the NT and rebind only the OT. The NT I was using at the time was actually what I learned the basics of bookbinding on, being taught by Bill and Helen Smith (the "Booksmiths") on Montreat, NC. That NT held up and was in use until I rebound this new copy of that same NT. I still use the original at my desk.

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